CELTA Advice from Gabriela Villarino

Gabriela Villarino is a CELTA tutor with IH Monterrey

How long were you an EFL teacher, and how long have you been a teacher trainer?

I became an EFL teacher in the year 2000, and it’s been an exciting journey since then! I’ve been a teacher trainer since 2007 and I became a CELTA tutor in 2014.

Did you have a different career before EFL?

Not really, I studied a BA in English Literature, but I’ve always worked in the ELT world.  

What are your hopes/aspirations for your trainees?

I’m very passionate about clear instruction and identifying trainees’ strong and weak areas to help them develop teaching skills and succeed on training courses.  

When you were an EFL teacher what did you like most?

It’s exciting and so rewarding. It can truly enrich your life.  

What advice would you give your trainees for successfully completing the course?

Be willing to work hard and follow all the recommendations they get from their tutors.

What advice would you give your trainees for an interesting and rewarding career?

As a teacher trainer and materials developer (yes, I write and edit books for ELT), I believe that any teacher who takes their job seriously will be amazed with professional opportunities the world of ELT can offer.