CELTA Advice from Mohamed Ali Khalaf 

Mohamed Ali Khalaf is a CELTA tutor with IH Cairo

How long were you an EFL teacher, and how long have you been a teacher trainer? 

I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2008. Seven years later, I started my training career as a TEFL trainer. Then I was verified as a CELTA tutor by Cambridge Assessment English. I was the CELTA center manager and the recruitment panel coordinator at Future University in Egypt in 2018/2019. 

Did you have a different career before EFL? 

I worked as an English-speaking tour guide for a few years before I changed my career to follow my real passion, teaching and training. 

What are your hopes/aspirations for your trainees? 

As a member of many recruitment panels for English language teachers around the world, I truly care about the future of my trainees in the work arena. Helping them become efficient teachers is the core of my job, but since I started my career, this has never been enough for me. I always evaluate their teaching as an interviewer, not just as a tutor. Please do not expect to receive only the typical academic help. I do my very best to equip you with what you need to ace the interview and shine during the demo. Knowing that you got a job after doing your CELTA with me is my optimum goal as a tutor. 

When you were an EFL teacher what did you like most, and how do you bring that into the classroom for your trainees? 

Starting off as a tour guide made me see teaching as a very enjoyable journey. Each lesson is a trip, each class is a group of tourists who must enjoy their time with me. Learning while having fun is a possible equation. 

What advice would you give your trainees for successfully completing the course? 

These are my top five pieces of advice

  1. Be honest in the interview
  2. Learn how to manage your time effectively
  3. Learn when you need to read for gist, specific information and detail
  4. Learn how to be a team player
  5. Treasure your tutors’ feedback. 

What advice would you give your trainees for an interesting and rewarding career?

CELTA is a great achievement! However, professional development is a non-stop process; and if you make it a lifestyle, you will definitely outshine those who don’t. Devote at least one hour a day to your career.