CELTA advice from Stephanie Jane Holme

Stephanie Jane Holme is a CELTA tutor at IH Milan in Italy


How long were you an EFL teacher, and how long have you been a teacher trainer?

I have been an EFL teacher for 28 years and still teach. I have been a teacher trainer since 2006.

Did you have a different career before EFL?

Before my career in EFL, I was a French and PE teacher in secondary schools.

What are your hopes/aspirations for your trainees?

My aspiration is to bring out the very best in each and every one of my trainees.

When you were an EFL teacher what did you like most, and how do you bring that into the classroom for your trainees?

I love seeing my learners make progress and enjoy learning English. I am passionate about my job and try to transmit this on CELTA courses.

What advice would you give your trainees for successfully completing the course?

I would advise trainees to come prepared to work hard, to be as organised as possible, to be open to constructive criticism and to always ask if something is not clear.

What advice would you give your trainees for an interesting and rewarding career?

Teaching is learning. It’s important to be willing to keep on developing as a teacher to meet learners’ needs and feel rewarded.