100% Online FT CELTA course at IH Seville

Seville, Spain
4 Mar 2024 - 12 Apr 2024

Date Location Mode Fee
Seville, Spain
IH Seville
100% Online FT €1600
Early bird (pay 4 weeks before start) €1525

About the teacher training centre

Our story began in Seville in 1983. Our first school started small, but we soon grew as did our reputation for top-quality teaching, fantastic teacher training and excellent, authentic accommodation for visiting students. Our name, CLIC IH Seville comes from "Centro de Lenguas and Intercambio Cultural", because we teach Spanish, French, English, German and Chinese - and because we are passionate about real and meaningful cultural exchanges.

Over the years we have taught over 1,000,000 students - either to become languages teachers and start their TEFL career, or to learn a language and start their own amazing life journeys. 

CELTA pass rate IH Seville

We welcome students from all over the world. At the moment, students from about 35 countries choose to have their adventure with us. Why not start yours as well!

What is the CELTA?

The CELTA is a TEFL qualification which prepares you to teach English as a foreign language. You don’t need any existing English language teaching experience or training. It’s usually a 4 or 5 week full time course (but you can also take it part time).

Standing up in front of a class for the first time is a daunting prospect, so you need to make sure you have the skills you need to teach effectively. The CELTA prepares you for the classroom in these ways:

  1. Taught sessions on methodology, lesson planning, language analysis and language skills. (In total, you’ll have 120 hours of input.)
  2. The opportunity to observe experienced teachers in a real-life language classroom situations – so you can see the different skills and techniques they use.
  3. Teaching yourself – with helpful and detailed feedback from your tutors.  This practical experience is invaluable when you start your first job.

You’ll have to complete some written assignments as well, but when it’s all successfully completed you’ll be ready for your first job and first students!

Read more about the CELTA here 

CELTA at IH Seville

CLIC IH Seville is a lively modern language school with an international atmosphere, with two centres in the heart of Seville, offering a wide variety of courses. It is the largest and longest-running teacher training centre in Southern Spain and one of the biggest and most established in the country.

What makes IH Seville special? - the people, the atmosphere, and the learning experience you will have.

To help you with your learning we have a lending library, in which you can borrow books. Clic IH Seville provides wireless internet access in its buildings as well as computers, a photocopier and printer for the use of CELTA trainees.

*Early bird for Face to Face full time CELTA courses: €1,490 if full payment is made one month before the course start date. 

What will fellow students be like? 

One of the most rewarding aspects of the course is the fact that you will share your learning experience with other candidates of different nationalities, genders and ages. Although the average age of a trainee is 30 years old, we have many younger and more mature candidates, from 18 to 71 years old!

There is a 50-50 balance between native and non-native candidates (C1+ level), with Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Moroccan and Venezuelan just a few of the nationalities who have completed our course successfully.

We know that our candidates are working all over the world, from Chile to USA and Japan to Australia, although the majority choose to work in Andalucía or other parts of Spain.

Tutors at this training centre

Mike Carter

I have been an EFL teacher since 1987, and a teacher trainer since 1997. Prior to this, I briefly worked in scientific publishing following on from studying science at university.

I believe that personally caring about people and their learning, and helping students to feel comfortable about asking for help and taking risks brings out the best in the classroom.

Claire Potter

I worked as an EFL teacher for 9 years before becoming a teacher trainer, which I have done for 18 years. I previously worked in insurance, accounting, and in the civil service.

I hope that my CELTA trainees realise what a rewarding profession teaching can be. I hope that they are able to continue to develop as teachers, whilst possibly experiencing a different country, a different culture, and a different language, ensuring their personal growth too.

Hannah Beardsworth

Hannah started teaching in 2000 and has worked in private and state schools around Europe and South America since then. She has worked in clic for 7 years as Teacher, YL Coordinator, Director of Studies and Teacher trainer and now works on CELTA, DELTA and IHCYLT courses. She loves training teachers as she gets to work with such a fantastic variety of people and is constantly amazed by the progress trainees make in a short time.

CELTA student testimonials

I decided to do Celta because I don’t have a pedagogical background, but I never thought I would learn so much! Celta is a treasure that teaches you not only the techniques of delivering activities and materials, but also classroom management. It helps you with personal growth and creates a healthy environment for you to start your career as a teacher. I’m so happy that I decided to go to Seville too, because after class I sometimes had time to explore the city and enhance my knowledge. Ekaterina


Claire and Ian were fantastic; they were firm but fair and always gave us honest feedback. The course is super-intensive but you learn a lot. The students were lovely and I liked the school. Overall, I am glad I did the course and I know I could not have done it without my tutors. Anthony


For many years I felt insecure and uncomfortable in the classroom, and I forgot what a teacher should be for you. On this course that has changed. I wasn’t expecting to remember again what a passionate teacher is, but thanks to my tutors Ian and Claire, that has happened. They both create an atmosphere in the classroom full of love and patience, empathy and support. They tend their hand to help the student reach the edge. They also transfer the learning process into one which is natural, engaging and motivating. Thanks to them I have felt the passion again for learning that I used to feel when I was young, and they have awakened a passion for teaching. Thank you. Ana Rosa