IH Talks... Estelle Hélouin

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IH Talks

As part of our 70th-anniversary celebrations, we are delighted to share IH Talks.

This is a series of engaging talks from our IH community delving into topics that are taking our industry by storm. Each episode belongs to a theme running through the series. This episode falls under the theme "Teacher Training and CPD".

"Observations should not only be useful but they should also be a positive thing".

Estelle Hélouin argues that observations need to change focus. They shouldn't be something that teachers and observers dread. Instead they should be highly valuable developmental tools.

How do we do this? Remove the paperwork and criteria. Focus on what the teacher wants to work on and the learning that is happening. One class cannot be seen as an isolated event, learning is an ongoing journey.

If this sounds too revolutionary to you, hold that thought. Estelle presents a very convincing argument in this episode of IH Talks. See for yourself: