State Action - Mistakes Maze Game

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Worksheets & short activities
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CEFR level B1

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to decide if the given sentences are right or wrong and use the Maze as a self-checking mechanism. If the learner correctly identifies whether the sentences are right or wrong, they will be able to make their way through the maze, from in to out, visiting every circle in the process.



In class, explain to the learners that you are going to focus on correcting sentences involving state and action verbs.

Show the learners the handout and explain that the maze will help them to decide which sentences are correct and which are incorrect.

Tell them that if a sentence is correct, they should follow the white arrow to the next circle and then look at the sentence that corresponds to the number in that circle. So, if they think the IN sentence is correct, then they proceed to circle and sentence number 3.

If they think a sentence is incorrect, they follow the black arrow to the next circle and sentence. So, in the case of IN being incorrect (which it is), they follow the black arrow to circle and sentence number 14.

Tell the learners to work in pairs and find their way through the maze as quickly as possible. But they must visit every circle and look at every sentence in the maze, or they have made a mistake and must retrace their steps.

As pairs finish, ask them to correct the incorrect sentences and mark all of the verbs either S for state verb or A for Action verb.

When most groups have finished, feedback on the sentences as a class, asking them to provide correct versions of the incorrect sentences and explain why they are so.



Do the first two or three sentences together as a class to get them going.

Write white = right and black = wrong on the board to remind the learners which way to go.


There is also a blank version so you can adapt to your own activity.