IH Catania

Catania, Italy

While many schools today have mission statements, we wanted to be sure our school is mission - driven. Unifying our staff members around common goals and making sure they are regularly implemented was crucial for us to ensure our mission becomes meaningful, useful and relevant for all the staff. 

Our mission: 
'Giga IH promotes excellence in language learning through continuous professional development of staff and shared values. Our purpose is to ensure students have an excellent experience and to facilitate the achievement of their goals. ' 

Our values: 
Also, as in most school contexts, since our staff members spend a substantial amount of time at work, we wanted to ensure we can operate in a supportive context. Therefore, establishing strong, shared values was one of the key aspects of developing positive collaboration at Giga IH. Our determination in this area helped us identify, agree on and define our school values: honesty, caring about relationships, respect, leading by example, support, kindness, responsibility, positivity, openness and understanding. By fostering an environment where core values play an important role, we feel we are able to support each other more effectively.

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