IH Huelva

Huelva, Spain

At International House Huelva, we have taken our 65+ years of experience teaching languages and moved it online using Zoom. We offer French, German, and English language courses with our expert teachers for all ages (from 3 years to adult) and levels. We also have Cambridge exam preparation for Cambridge Starter, Movers and Flyers, and A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. Students have access to our digital platform with a range of additional materials and practice tests. 

We are a well-run and successful organisation with an established reputation both locally and in the EFL world. We provide continuous professional development through weekly seminars, training sessions and mentoring. As part of this, teachers work closely with Academic Management to ensure quality lessons and learner satisfaction. 

There is a healthy and stimulating multicultural atmosphere with teachers from all over the world. We offer teachers the opportunity to study any of the languages we teach. We are a well-resourced organisation which offers competitive conditions in our field and cares about the welfare of its staff and employees. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce who are able and willing to share their teaching expertise.

37.255956, -6.95266

Life in and around Huelva

Huelva is a beautiful, safe city to live and work in and is big enough to offer all the necessary amenities whilst also being easy to get around on foot or by bike. The city is in a perfect environment, with something to suit every taste. On one side, we have the mountains that are the home of the best Spanish cured ham. On the other, we have the most peaceful beaches in all of Andalusia. To the west, there is the lovely Portuguese Algarve region; to the east, the cheerful city of Seville. Seville, Malaga and Granada are just over an hour away by car and well connected by high-speed train.

The nearby Córdoba is something of a cultural centre in Andalusia, and for its size has a rich and stimulating offer of entertainment. Andalusia is a charm and a great place for outdoor sports and life, with the best beaches in Spain, ski resorts and natural parks of enormous beauty. It is also a region which is justifiably famous for its food, drink, friendly character and ancient culture!