IH Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

IH Tbilisi is the largest school in Georgia with 22 teachers and teacher training department. We are a CELTA, DELTA and CYLT accredited centre. We also do business and international exam classes. Teachers have great opportunities for professional growth in a friendly atmosphere. Ex-pat teachers normally stay longer than a year. The school is located very centrally within easy reach of public transport: tube, busses, minibuses. Our recruited teachers usually live within walking distance from the school.

41.813519, 44.809004

Life in and around Tbilisi

Tbilisi has been the capital of Georgia since 5th century. The city has a rich history and quite a few historical landmarks to see and explore. In the old town you'll see ancient castle and streets and Christian churches and sulphur baths. There's a good number of museums and galleries and exhibitions in the city of 1,3 million population. Tbilisi is full of restaurants and cafes offering authentic Georgian food and wine. It's a quirky city where the cultures of Europe and Asia mix to form the unique architecture, lifestyle and traditions that make the city so special.