IH Ancona & Jesi

Ancona, Italy

IH Jesi and IH Ancona are sister schools in the Marche region of Italy. 

Our schools are growing. In 2019 we moved into newer, larger premises in Ancona to give better facilities for both our young and mature students. This follows the opening of the Victoria Playhouse in Jesi, a new premises to facilitate the expansion of existing and new projects and concepts involving drama, music, learning by doing, life skills, etc, all using English as the medium of learning rather than an end in itself.

Students at both schools range from 3 and up, with a comfortable mix of both children and adults. 

Giuseppe Romagnoli, the founder and director of both schools, passionately believes that everyone has the right to reach their full potential whatever their individual strengths and in whatever direction they choose. 

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Life in and around Ancona & Jesi

Jesi and Ancona are on the Adriatic coast, in the Marche region of Italy.

Marche stretches for around 100 miles along the Adriatic coast, with rolling hills peppered with classic Italian hilltop villages. Jesi is a village like this, with its medieval centre crowded together  surrounded by huge city walls. 

Ancona was founded by ancient Greeks and its harbour thrived during the Roman era. The second-century Trajan's Arch still guards the port. You can still catch a ferry to Croatia and Greece. 

If you have time to explore, Urbina to the north is a cultural highlight of Italy. It is a steep stone hill town to rival anything in Tuscany or Umbria. Its golden age was in the late 1400’s when it was the capital of a powerful dukedom, and its grandiose architecture stems from that time. Urbino was the birthplace of painter Raphael, whose first home still stands in via Raffaello.

Jobs at IH Ancona & Jesi