IH Brno

Brno, Czech Republic

IH Brno was established in 1990 and continues to be a small and friendly school that enjoys a good reputation in our city.

We teach general English to adults at all levels from beginner to proficiency. We also run exam classes preparing students for the KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and BEC exams

IH Brno hosts an annual Trainers Weekend, and the Imagine Conference - for language teachers. Topics presented typically include listening skills, intercultural communication, making skilful interventions, personal presence, and barriers to communication.

49.196063, 16.612343

Life in and around Brno

Brno is the second city of the Czech Republic, in the south east region of Moravia.

Moravia is a region of some historic and cultural interest, with medieval castles, monasteries and some notable architectural buildings. If you like exploring mountains the Carpathains give a huge scope for adventure, or verdant rolling hills will allow for gentle rambling and discovery of quaint farms and vineyards. 

Some of the great capital cities of Europe are within easy reach - Prague is about three hours by train, Vienna is about two hours.