IH Buenos Aires Recoleta

Buenos Aires

International House has been established in Buenos Aires for 45 years.

We are in a three storey building with 16 classrooms, a computer room, a self access room and a small hall/theatre on the ground floor. There is a separate teachers' area with good working space, a materials room and a lounge area /kitchen on a separate floor with access to a terrace. There is a standard range of equipment; a photocopier, video camera, computer access, CD players, video recorders, etc.

Classes take place in the school from 9.30 a.m.to 9.00 p.m.. We teach a wide range of general English classes with special emphasis on more advanced levels particularly Cambridge First to Proficiency. Younger children are mainly taught by local teachers and there are some specialised classes such as Business English (BEC) and conversation.

The DOS and ADOS are responsible for all aspects of training.

-34.58727, -58.400422

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