IH Dnipro

Dnipro, Ukraine

International House Dnipro has been operating since 1997, pioneering the communicative method in learning English within Ukraine. The school welcomes young learners and adults IH Dnipro fosters an individual approach to each client, taught by qualified teachers who we aim to become partners in learning the language.

IH Dnipro is obsessed with quality lesson planning and continuous professional development for teachers. Academic support at International House Dnipro is provided by Ukrainian specialists in methodology and is organized so teachers can plan and discuss each lesson step by step.  

Every week all teachers take part in methodology training, and take an active role in international IH conferences. We understand that any organization is formed by the people who work in it. They are her heart, her success, her image, her present and her future. Thanks to its traditions, moral values and principles, we have created in IH Dnipro an oasis of culture, education, professionalism and human relationships.

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Life in and Around Dnipro

Dnipro is a large city on the Dnieper river. This huge river, the fourth largest in Europe,  flows through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and into the Black sea.

Wide streets and squares, and open wide river front promenades and river islands with abundant trees make Dnipro a very pleasant city. It is a business and political centre, with a wide range of artistic and cultural events as you would expect from a city of around a million people. 

If you are into sport, the Dnipro football team is in Ukraine's premier league. 

Jobs at IH Dnipro