IH Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

International House Lisbon is a specialist teacher training and English teaching centre. 

It opened its new premises in the Alto dos Moinhos area of Lisbon just three years ago. This is a safe, modern, area just five minutes’ walk to the Metro (Blue line) and very close to the Benfica Football Stadium. The premises are modern, airy and spacious, and not so big you'll get lost there! 

The school is managed by Monica and Diana who have also been runing the successful IH Torres Vedras school, just outside Lisbon, for over 25 years. Monica and Diana have a very practical and welcoming approach to their students and staff. They are passionate about their schools and this is evident in the welcome that students and teachers receive. It is a very friendly, warm school with a great heart to it.

IH Lisbon CELTA Success Rate


38.747823, -9.177153

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CELTA 21 Sep - 23 Nov 2024
Online every Saturday 9.10-17.30
100% Online PT €1595

Life in and around Lisbon

In Lisbon, the people are friendly and the weather is good.

Lisbon is a well-known tourist destination with all that implies – lots of museums, art galleries, the river, and beaches which are all easily accessible. There is good public transport around the city.

There is rich history, reasonably priced and good food and wine, amazing nightlife with plenty of bars, cultural events and concerts. And beaches which are perfect for a weekend escape.

Studying at IH Lisbon

Lisbon has a major international airport which is 8km from the city centre, but easily accessible via metro/taxi or bus.

To get to the school, you can take the Metro or bus both of which stop five minutes’ walk from the school (it is just 4/5 stops to the centre). There is also parking in front of the school which you have to pay for, or it is a 10-minute walk to cheaper or free parking.

Close by there is a lovely park and many cafes and restaurants across the road. Students and staff often relax there, or even go for a paddle! Within 5-to-10 minutes’ walk, there are some small supermarkets: LIDL, Auchan, Mini Preço/Pingo Doce.

CELTA students at International House Lisbon

If you need accommodation when studying at IH Lisbon there are lots of options, with many people booking through airbnb. Most students find their own accommodation although the school can provide a list of some places to choose from.

To give you an idea of how much it costs to live in Lisbon, a kilo of oranges will cost about €0,60, a Big Mac about €3,50, and a 650ml bottle of beer, in a local bar about €2. But we don't think you'll come to Lisbon without trying our typical Bacalhau or the irresistible Pastéis de Nata!