IH Viseu

Viseu, Portugal

The school which opened in 1983,  is located in 2 buildings in the centre of town. The main building, a large old house, has 7 classrooms, a reception area, offices, a spacious teachers’ area, a students’ library, a bar, and a garden. Nearly opposite the main building on the first floor of a block of flats is the Adult Centre, which has 4 classrooms where the adult's classes are given.

40.658614, -7.916721

Life in and around Viseu

Viseu, with a population of about 100.000, is situated in the interior of Portugal some 90Km from Coimbra, 110Km from the border with Spain, and around 3 hours by car (3.5 by coach) from Lisbon and 1.15 hours from Porto. It is the District Capital and the construction of two major road links has brought about very rapid growth over the last 9 years. More industry has come to the area, but the centre of Viseu remains attractive, with tree-lined streets, parks and a well-preserved mediaeval area with characteristic granite buildings. It continues to be an important market town and is also the centre of the well-known Dão wine region. For the past 4 years, it has been selected as the Portuguese city with the best quality of life to live in.