100% Online PT DELTA Module 3 course at IH Budapest

Budapest, Hungary
2 Jan 2023 - 29 Jul 2022

Date Location Mode Fee
Budapest, Hungary
IH Budapest
100% Online PT £325

About the teacher training centre

Budapest is in CET – Central European Time (GMT + 2) so please consider this when booking your online CELTA course. 

Since its foundation in 1983, IH Budapest has been known for its high-quality English language tuition and its outstanding Teacher Training faculty – and for many, its iconic location in the Buda hills, right next to Széll Kálmán Square, a key transport hub in Budapest.
IH Budapest has always had a great range of teacher training options, and in terms of English teaching the school has always covered the full range of adults, young learners, company classes, exam preparation courses, and its most recent addition, online teaching. Many of our CELTA trainees return to pursue their DELTAs, and quite a few of our DELTA trainees then become CELTA trainers at the school.

CELTA pass rate IH Budapest

Since its very early days, IH Budapest has maintained a wonderfully diverse teaching team and a strong student base where most of our new students come through recommendations of friends and family members who have studied with us before. Our secret recipe is allowing and encouraging the different departments of the school to all work together to make it a success: happy students and loyal staff.

What is DELTA Module 3?

DELTA (Diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages) covers advanced theory and practice to help you develop in your teaching career. You need at least one year’s experience to make the most of it.

There are three modules, which you can take in any order.

DELTA Module 3 is independent research on either an ELT specialism or management.  It is assessed by a written dissertation.

For more detail about DELTA and DELTA module 3, read our full guide here.

Tutors at this training centre

Amalia Pecsi

I taught English for 20 years before becoming a trainer. I started training 5 years ago.
The advice I give trainees is to clear your schedule for the duration of the course, take it seriously, put in the time, and get to grips with admin. Get the mandatory stuff done as soon as you can, then take some time off and do fun things in the city you're in.

Vanja Smoje-Glavaski

I’ve been a teacher for more than 20 years and a trainer for seven.
The advice I would give to trainees is to be open to new ideas and teamwork, follow your tutor’s guidelines and always ask if you’re in doubt. Also, get organised fairly early on the course – that can save you some headache later on.

Donna Markovitch

I’ve been an EFL teacher since I did my CELTA at IH Budapest in April 2013 and I’ve been a teacher trainer since August 2019. I was previously a high school and middle school English literature, creative writing and film studies teacher in Adelaide, Australia.
My hopes and aspirations are that my trainees leave the course with a toolkit of ways to create a student-centred space where learners feel supported and motivated to learn and where real, meaningful communication between students is high.

Luca Tenyi

I started teaching in 2011, training in-service teachers in 2014, and became a CELTA trainer in 2018. The CELTA course was my first positive educational experience and I thrive on introducing a learner-centred and communicative approach to learning. It is very important for me that trainees also feel heard and feel that they have a safe space to ‘give it a go’