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Mexico City, Mexico

At IH Mexico we exclusively offer 100% Online CELTA.

This means that we are in a very privileged position to be able to offer CELTA Online candidates the following premium benefits:

  • A 100% online course using Zoom and with access to the official Cambridge CELTA Moodle website, with to sample assignments, sample lesson plans, and video recorded lessons (both face to face classes and live online teaching!)
  • Free, our new IH Mexico Certificate in Teaching English Online course, with 30hrs of input on tasks, strategies, and approaches to planning in the online environment.
  • 15% discount on our new launched CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) course.
CELTA pass rate IH Mexico

And there is more, such as flexibility, study & guided lesson planning sessions, extra electives, and membership of a LYE community of ELT professionals. Keep reading to find out more!

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Course Type Dates Sort descending Mode Fee
CELTA 09 Jan - 19 Feb 2023
100% Online FT 1,690 USD
CELTA 09 Jan - 02 Apr 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 23 Jan - 23 Apr 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 30 Jan - 30 Apr 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 13 Feb - 14 May 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 20 Feb - 02 Apr 2023
100% Online FT 1,690 USD
CELTA 27 Feb - 28 May 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 13 Mar - 11 Jun 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 27 Mar - 25 Jun 2023
100% Online PT 1,690 USD
CELTA 10 Apr - 21 May 2023
100% Online FT 1,690 USD

Online CELTA Testimonials

FREE IH Mexico Certificate in Teaching English Online, when you book a 100% Online CELTA

You can get a FREE IH Mexico Certificate in Teaching English Online course, with 30hrs of input on tasks, strategies, and approaches to planning and teaching in the online environment.

This new programme provides practising teachers with input and practical content to equip them with many of the tools and skills they need to deliver their classes online, both asynchronous and synchronously. It is self study, so you can complete in your own time, when it suits you. 

The online units cover the following:

  • Teaching Online: basics and theory
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Course Platforms and tools
  • VLE (virtual Learning Environments)
  • Synchronous learning - Conducting Live sessions
  • Other Tools and Resources for Online Teaching
  • Assignments, Assessment and feedback, Areas of specialism & Tutorials or Live Observation

We'll also give you

  •  Access to 3 exclusive teaching and planning webinars for free over the next year,  so that you can continue to develop your teaching skills as a newly qualified teacher.
  • 15% discount on our new CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) course, available from the summer of 2020.
teaching online

Study Flexibly with the Team from IH Mexico

Our CELTA 100% Online course timetable combines the benefit of access to a range of online resources and materials, with "virtual" face to face teaching. This gives you maximum flexibility in how you do your course and minimal time spent away from earning an income. 

Most CELTA courses are run over 4 or 5 weeks, Monday to Friday, This can be intense, as it’s a relatively short time to take everything on board. 

Choose our semi-intensive (6 weeks) or part time (12 weeks) to give yourself more time to process information and prepare for teaching practice.

Extra Electives

If CELTA is not enough, you can take any of our extra elective sessions in parallel to CELTA!

As a university, we are in a privileged position to include extra elective study sessions on the course specifically designed for language work, further lesson planning, skills teaching, online applications, and more. These sessions are meant to give candidates further support if the core CELTA programme is not enough or simply take advantage of your peers, or other candidates on other programmes, and tutors, ask them more questions as needed outside regular CELTA classroom hours.

Your programme coordinator will make a list of available electives in week 1 of your course and you can join as many as you want!


LYE Teacher Community

As a CELTA graduate from IH Mexico you will automatically join the LYE Teacher Community. 

This is a membership group for educators who are passionate about what they do and strive to improve every day. Through monthly pedagogical challenges, webinars, reflection tasks, and application to yoour individual teaching context, the membership brings like-minded people together from all over the world. LYE membership provides a minimum of ten hours per month of CPD through theory, application and reflection.

We don’t believe CPD should be passive. You'll have the chance to attend webinars, listen to CPD podcasts, and read relevant articles, but also design lessons, run your own webinars, teach classes, and apply what we discuss in your own contexts.

LYE membership will provide you both development and career opportunities as part of a growing community of passionate educators. This is a unique opportunity to benefit from a forum where:

  • ideas are discussed, not prescribed
  • a bottom-up approach to learning is encouraged
  • we co-construct lessons through discussions forums and interactive talks
  • risk-taking is rewarded and constructive feedback is provided
  • both new and experienced teachers work and learn from each other
  • you receive the support and encouragement of teachers from a diverse range of countries through round-table discussions and forums
LYE Teacher Community