IH Palermo London School

Palermo, Italy

IH Palermo London School was founded in 1987 and immediately affiliated to International House. In 1992, the school was officially recognised by the Assessorato Beni Culturali e Pubblica Istruzione (the Sicilian Ministry of Culture and Education). In 1999, it became a member of AISLI.

Located in a residential area of Palermo in Sicily for more than 30 years, IH Palermo London School has contributed to the spread of the English language in the local area, thanks to the high quality teaching delivered by enthusiastic and well-trained teachers.

The school premises are bright and comfortable. The classrooms are soundproof and are equipped with the most modern technological devices, including computers, projectors, and Wi-Fi. IH Palermo London School offers a perfect learning environment which turns the study of the language into a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Life in and around Palermo

As Sicily’s largest city, and Italy’s Capital of Culture in 2018, Palermo is full of exciting and memorable experiences. Here, you can get your fix of art and culture by viewing the Sicilian sculptures at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and watching some world-class opera at Europe’s third largest theatre, the Teatro Massimo.

You can also see some UNESCO-listed puppetry at the Opera dei Pupi. Talented puppeteers make the traditional handmade string puppets act out scenes from the battles of Spanish and French soldiers against dragons and devils. It is a fascinating glimpse into Palermo’s history from the 13th century.

Of course, you are in Sicily, so you’re going to eat well wherever you go. Make sure you visit Capo, one of Palermo’s most iconic food markets, with wheels of cheese and huge swordfish. Don’t forget to try arancini (rice balls filled with meat or cheese) and anything with aubergine in. Once you’re truly stuffed with delicious food, grab a gelato and take a walk around the historic centre to enjoy the city’s beautiful architecture.